•Ain is a non-profit organisation formed in Damascus in January 2008 and registered in Paris, France.
•Its founding members are Delphine Leccas, Jamel Oubechou, Estelle Nicaud and Sabine de Maussion.
•It aims to support contemporary art with a focus on Syrian artists.

•Exhibitions presented by AIN

Paysage interne : exhibition and talk
Centre des arts actuels-Skol, Montreal
January 2017

In the heart of the heart of another country: screenings, round tables, exhibitions
Greek film archives-Tainiothiki, Athens / Museum of Photography, Thessaloniki / Mansion and Dawawine, Beirut
June and September 2016

L'Art en Marche - Artistes syriens d'aujourd'hui : exhibition, screenings, round table, concert, artists'talks
Le Rocher de Palmer and Utopia Cinema, Bordeaux (France)
January-February, 2015

Et Pourtant ils créent: exhibition, screenings, video installations, performances, concerts
Institute of Islamic Culture, Paris
April-July, 2014

Visual Arts Festival Damascus @ ZKM: screenings
ZKM, Karlsruhe
January, 2014

Visual Arts Festival Damascus @ Istanbul: exhibition, screenings, video installations, performance, round table, workshop
Depo, Istanbul
June-July, 2013

Syrian Anonymous Exhibition : collective exhibition
Exfila, Florence, Italy
14-28 February 2013

Syrian Anonymous Exhibition : collective exhibition
Museo du Palazzo Poggi, Bologna, Italy
17 January -17 February 2013

Syrian Anonymous Exhibition : collective exhibition
La Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano, Italy
November-December 2012

Syrian Anonymous Exhibition : collective exhibition and video
Cantieri d’Arte, Viterbo, Italy
September 2012

Syrian Anonymous Exhibition : collective exhibition and video
WEYA- World Event Young Artists, New Art Exchange, Nottingham, UK
September 7th-16th 2012

Fresh Fears by Muhammad Ali: exhibition
Cantine Nervi, Gattinara (VC), Italy
July 7th - August 3rd 2012

Fresh Fears by Muhammad Ali: exhibition
Swab Barcelona International Art Fair, Barcelona, Spain
May 23rd - 26th 2012

Visual Arts Festival Damascus @ Rotterdam: video, documentary, cinema, video installation, artists’ talks
International Film Festival, Rotterdam
January 2012

Syrian Icon by Delphine Leccas and Rami Farah: video installation
3rd Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary art, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Greece
September 2011

“Fresh Fears” by Muhammad Ali, “I’m in love” by Madonna Adib, “Not a matter of if but when” by Rami Farah, Julia Meltzer and David Thorne: exhibition and video installation
Omar Almkhallalati, culinary performance
XVth Biennale of “Jeunes de la Méditerranée”, Warehouse, Industrial port, Thessaloniki
October 2011

Monif Ajaj : solo exhibition
Artist’studio, Damascus, Syria
December 2010

Visual Arts Festival Damascus: video installation, exhibition, performance, workshops, lectures
Co-curator Charlotte Bank
Damascus, Zeitouneh area, Finnish Institute, French Cultural Center, Goethe Institute, faculty of Fine arts
October-December 2010

Muhammad Ali, Adnan Getto, Giwan Khalaf, Adel Daoud : collective exhibition
New Art Center, Hassakeh, Syria
March 2009


"Syrie, l’art en armes", ed. La Martiniere, 2013